Minutes from the 9/17 Youth Team Meeting at First Pres Vancouver

9/17 Youth Team Meeting at First Presbyterian Church Vancouver, Washington

Present – Emily Stecher (First Pres Portland), Ryan Caldwell (Calvin Pres), Mackenzie McVean (Hillsboro Pres), Elizabeth Stebe (First Pres Vancouver), John Presson (First Pres Vancouver), Laurel Cluthe (Valley Community Pres), Josh Dunham (Moreland Pres), Trevor Walters (Bethany Pres), Doug Vitro (Milwaukie Pres), Vik (Westminster Pres Salem, via video conference)

Opening Prayer

Check-In – (High’s and Low’s in your ministry)

Financial Report – Trevor
We had some difficulty getting report from presbytery office, but these are the approximate figures as reported from the financial report distributed at our meeting!
5000 for Triennium
9500 for CPYA
2300 for Middle School Mania
— 16300 total
Reminder that travel expenses will be reimbursed
Josh updated that Rev. Ailstock is on board of directors and informed us that it was found that we have a general fund with $15,000 above and beyond what is reported above. Discussion ensued about how to be good stewards with this budgeted money.
Doug is going to research a portable sound system and projector to be shared for all the youth team members and utilized at youth team events.

CPYA – Ryan
CPYA is coming up in 2 months and we have secured our speaker, location (Aldersgate in Turner OR), and groups are starting to get excited. A brief discussion ensued about the cost for
The total cost per person is approximately $120 and it was decided by the team to charge $100 this year and offer a 50% scholarship.
There will be a major change this year and that is that CPYA and Middle School Mania will be combined in to the same event open to both High school and Middle school students.
We will call this event Cascade YouthCon 2015.
If it is successful, we will look at continuing a combined event for both HS and MS in the future.
There are still a few things to figure out. Specifically what seminars will be offered and how to house all the students (whether by church or by age group). This wil be discused at our next
meeting before the event happens. We all need to help with seminars if possible. Some ideas offered were a theology of Star Wars, a comparative religion class, spiritual direction class, and also bringing in speakers from around the area and offering a $50-$100 stipend. Emily and Vik were going to make some inquiry into people who may be able to come and teach for an afternoon.
A Student/Adult ratio needed for the event is 1:8 and is gender specific if possible (if you bring boys and girls, you need to supply leaders to staff those cabins if at all possible)

Triennium – Elizabeth
July 18-23rd. Publications going up online and out in the newsletter. Josh said he will send an email. Cost of Triennium registration is $505, Total cost being about $1100 but up in are based
upon travel expenses. Applications need to bei n by December 11th. Checks need to be made out to Moreland with deposit of $200 Getting kids excited to go, you can print out graphics from online and . For entering freshman to graduated seniors. We discussed t-shirt design, One idea is to have CPYA Tshirt design website. Sue may still have designs from last year.
Pins – Some ideas were to do OREGON with GO be a different color/font. Maybe we could use monopoly pieces and play off the “Do not pass GO, GO directly to Jail” thing.
Josh will email everyone the triennium post located on the website so all
Adult Advisors for the delegation will be paid for by the Presbytery, churches will be on the hook for sending their kids. One successful model used in our presbytery has been that the church
pays for half and the individual pays for half. The necessary ratio is 1:8
Motion Made by Ryan Caldwell and seconded by Elizabeth that we move $5000 from our general fund to the Triennium to pay for additionally needed adult leaders

Spring Middle School Event – Laurel
No dates were discussed but we all agreed that we want to do something in the spring again.
This will be talked about in more detail at our next meeting.

Vik feels like we should use the Facebook page for our Cascades Presbytery Youth Team.
Many people didn’t know we had one. Josh will make Vik an admin.

Closing Prayer – Trevor